What is a brand?

Jaimz Hodge

September 30, 2023


What is a brand?

Isn't it just a fancy term for a large company? After all, when we hear the word brand, we instantly think of companies like Nike, Apple, Samsung, McDonalds. Giants in the land of business.

But there's more to a brand then just it's size.

Let's Define Brand

Before we get into that though, let's look at the the definition for brand to keep ourselves on track.

brand - noun; a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name

So, for the most part it's a pretty straight forward definition. Apple makes phones that are their brand of phone. An iPhone. Walmart sells groceries & products in it's stores across the country. A Supercenter.

Which is nice, but what does that mean for you and me? Our businesses are no where near their size, nor have anything near their reach. Which might be true. But we can still meet some of the requirements to being a brand without being so large.

They're Seen

Brands generally are seen by everyday people frequently, almost everyday and everywhere. They're talked about in casual conversation and are often times heavily considered for purchases in their industry. When someone is considering buying a shoe for instance, Nike & Addidas are likely the first few brands to come to mind. While at first you might not need to do this on a national or international level for the first stages of your businesses growth, it is something that you can start doing on a local level.

The goal here is to have a presence inside of your local area, and if you're a service company, you want to cover the entire area you serve. The idea here is to be seen. Not just in the phone books. Not just in a couple of newpaper ads. But everywhere your potential client is. Social Media, Events, Local Markets if it applies to you. Get in front of them as much as possible, so that way when it comes time for them to need to purchase the product or service you offer. You're the first one that comes to mind.

There's a lot more to this than just that, as you'll want to be strategic, but this is always a good mentality to have.

They're Heard

There's companies that we come across everyday, everywhere. But most of the time, we just don't care. We see them, but we don't hear them. It's important as a company to have a unified, concise, and simple message that grabs your clients attention and reels them in. And just like being seen, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to hook a fish on the first cast. So you're going to have to put your message out there over and over again. Once clients understand what problem you're solving, and why you're the best choice to solve that problem, they'll understand why they should pick you.

They're Remembered

You might be thinking to yourself that

'this might all be well and good. But it's time and money to make that kind of difference in my company.'

To which, you would totally be right. But it's time and effort that's well spent. If you're trying to build a company that can grow and scale. You're going to need more people that will pay for your product and service, will return to purchase it again, and spread the word to their friends and family.

The great thing too, is that all of these things can be achieved on your own as well. However, if you want to bring in a team that specializes in producing exactly the things above inside of companies and helping them grow from zero. Just head over to our home page to learn more. Or contact us to get your company forged into something that's remembered


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